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Moving On - Madson and Rollins (Maybe), Ibanez, Gload & Schneider (Definitely)

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Black #C77
Five Phillies became free agents over the weekend following the conclusion of the 2011 World Series.  For now, that means five names join the list of players Moving On.  My hope, however, is that two of these players will be back in red pinstripes in 2012.

Three of the five are not likely to return.  Raul Ibanez has been the team's starting left fielder for the past three seasons, after spending the first 13 seasons in the American League with the Mariners and Royals.  Raul's tenure will best be remembered for his periods of extreme streakiness.  He was either white hot at the plate or ice cold, with really no middle ground.  Over his three seasons with the Phils, he hit .264 while averaging a little over 23 home runs and 87 RBIs per season.  By all accounts, Raul is one of the nicest people in the game.  But the Phillies will cut ties with 39-year-old and go with either Domonic Brown or John Mayberry, Jr. in left in 2012.
2011 Topps
Allen & Ginter #31

Ross Gload and Brian Schneider filled the roles of left-handed bat off the bench and back-up catcher, respectively, over the past two seasons.  Gload was severely slowed this year with a bad hip, but he still was one of the team's best pinch-hitting options.  In total, Gload went 33 for 140 (.236) as a pinch-hitter with the Phils  with 3 home runs and 11 RBIs.  He was used sparingly in the field, starting just 24 games over his two seasons with the club - 15 at first and 9 in right.

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Schneider killed the Phillies during his years with the Expos, Nationals and Mets, so I was thrilled when they signed him, if for no other reason than the Phils wouldn't have to face him for a few years.  However, had I known he would hit just .208 over two seasons with just 6 home runs, I probably wouldn't have been as thrilled.  Schneider started in 73 games for the Phils over the past two years, and you could usually pencil him into your score card for most day games following night games.

I hope Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Madson are back in 2012.  I've gone into this before, but I think (I hope) Rollins could be had for three years with an option for a fourth.  He's on the record as wanting five years, but I just don't know if that kind of market exists for him.  He's the heart of the team and I believe (I hope) that he has another two to three productive years in him at short.

Madson needs to be brought back.  Without him, the team's closing prospects get murky and I'm not enamored with any of the other free agent closers on the market.  (Heath Bell?  Francisco Rodriguez?  Joe Nathan?)  The only name that intrigues me is Jonathan Papelbon, but I imagine he's heading back to the Sox.  Madson is only 31, and the money the team is saving by not bringing back Brad Lidge or Roy Oswalt should go towards bringing back the team's (I hope) 2012 closer.

Moving On
Dane Sardinha (10-11) 10/10/11 - Filed for free agency
Brandon Moss (11) 10/17/11 - Outrighted to Lehigh Valley and filed for free agency
Pete Orr (11) 10/17/11 - Outrighted to Lehigh Valley and filed for free agency
Brad Lidge (08-11) 10/24/11 - Team option declined
Roy Oswalt (10-11) 10/24/11 - Team option declined
Ross Gload (10-11) 10/30/11 - Filed for free agency
Raul Ibanez (09-11) 10/30/11 - Filed for free agency
Ryan Madson (03-11) 10/30/11 - Filed for free agency
Jimmy Rollins (00-11) 10/30/11 - Filed for free agency
Brian Schneider (10-11) 10/30/11 - Filed for free agency

2011 Phillies Team Issue 2 #7 and #23

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