Thursday, October 27, 2011

2006 Chachi #23 Rheal Cormier

Maybe it's his Canadian heritage, or perhaps it's his unusual first name.  Whatever the reason, left-handed reliever Rheal Cormier is one of my wife's all-time favorite Phillies.  Last night, I asked her if she could chose a baseball card of any player to be posted today, for her birthday, whose would it be?

"Rheal," was her one word response.  And so I have obliged.

Happy birthday!


Dennis said...

I grew up not far from where Rheal is from & remember my dad taking me to watch him pitch in the late 80's when he was a pitcher for the Moncton Mets (a senior league team in eastern Canada). Him getting drafted & making it to MLB w/ the Cardinals was pretty impactful in that neck of the woods. I've still got his Louisville Cardninals minor league card somewhere. I was 15 when he eventually made his debut & couldn't believe someone from my area had actually made it to the show. Fun stuff!

Section 36 said...

Happy Birthday Jenna!