Friday, September 23, 2011

2001 Fleer Game Time Sticktoitness #16 Pat Burrell

Nationals 6, Phillies 1
Game 156 - Thursday Night, September 22nd in Philadelphia

One Sentence Summary:  Boooo!

What It Means:  Another lazy, sloppy loss for the Phils as they limp into the postseason.  The Phillies dropped their sixth in a row and their record is now 98-58.

At least I'm not a Red Sox fan.  (Sorry, Section 36.)

What Went Wrong:
Featured Card:  Shockingly enough, the 'Fuss card did nothing to improve the Phillies' offense last night.

I recently added all my 2001 Phillies baseball cards to my Zistle Collection.  As I was going through the process of adding cards, I actually giggled a few times at some of the zanier insert set names from Fleer's 2001 offerings.  Some of my favorites include - Fleer Futures Bats to the Future, Fleer Premium Grip It and Rip It and Fleer Triple Crown Glamour Boys.  I thought the card featured here was particularly appropriate, given the Phillies recent run of crappy play.  "Sticktoitness" actually sounds like something manager Charlie Manuel would use in a sentence in a post-game interview.

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