Monday, August 15, 2011

1975 Topps Mini Phillies Team Set - Completed!

Top Row:  1975 Topps Mini #118, #138, #162, #267 and #292
Bottom Row:  1975 Topps Mini #399, #444, #477, #501 and #527
I've already displayed one of the larger cards received in the Bounty from Burnell, so I thought I'd post some of the smaller cards received as well.  Burnell noticed within my 1975-1979 Phillies Wantlist that I needed the entire 1975 Topps Mini team set.  So he sent it to me.  Every single card.  Even the Mike Schmidt card and the two League Leader cards and the multi-player rookie card featuring Tom Underwood.  He completely wiped the 1975 Topps Mini Phillies cards off my Wantlist with one glorious trade package.  So thank you again, Burnell, and your package is (finally) going into the mail today.

I've displayed here several cards from the set that didn't make it into my 1975 Topps Phillies post from a few weeks back.

Vote:  Please take a moment to vote in the poll I've set up in the sidebar.  I've renovated the blog with a new look, but I can't decide on the appropriate background color.  This is a Phillies blog after all, so I thought a red background would be nice.  However, my wife Jenna prefers the blue background.  It's quite the quandary.


night owl said...

Weeeeeeee! That's the best trade package ever.

I'm about 2 or 3 mini cards short of the complete Dodger set. Got to get to work.

Section 36 said...

I'd generally say listen to the wife. Do the Phils have blue as an official color in any way?

Jim said...

Truly an awesome trade package!

S36 - The Phils wear blue hats for their home day games . . . I guess that's close enough? And I agree with you about listening to my wife.