Saturday, April 2, 2011

2010 Chachi #54 Home Run Leaders - Ryan Howard & Jayson Werth

For the Phillies to be successful this year, they'll need to piece together innings similar to yesterday's ninth inning.  Without the benefit of an extra base hit, the team scored three times to win the game.  Too often in recent years, the Phillies seem to sit back and wait for one of its big boppers to come up with a long ball.  I'd like to see more bunting, more stolen bases and more station to station baseball this year.

Of course, I'd also like to see a ton of Phillies home runs.  I kind of want it all.

Last year, Ryan Howard (31) and Jayson Werth (27) led the team in homers, as memorialized on this 2010 Chachi Leaders card.  (It's actually one of the scariest-looking Chachi cards I've ever made.  I wouldn't want to bump into either of these guys in a dark ally.)  Werth is gone, so either someone else is going to have to pick up the power production this year, or the Phils will need to rely a little more on small ball.

Rounding out the Phillies top 10 home run hitters last year - Shane Victorino (18), Chase Utley (16), Raul Ibanez (16), Carlos Ruiz (8), Jimmy Rollins (8), Placido Polanco (6), Ben Francisco (6) and Ross Gload (6).

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