Monday, February 14, 2011

2007 Upper Deck Phillies #15 Greg Dobbs

Finally!  Phillies pitchers and catchers had their first official work out in Clearwater today and the long, fairly miserable winter of 2011 is close to being completely behind us.  One of the things I like to do at the start of Spring Training is scour each team's 40-man rosters and non-roster invitees for former Phillies.  I'm going to go around the league to see who ended up where, starting with the NL East and Central teams.

I'm limiting my search to former Phillies, and not former Phillies prospects, as that task could be a little too labor intensive.

NL East
Atlanta Braves
40-Man Roster - Closer Billy Wagner (04-05) (although he's announced his retirement)
Non-Roster Invitee - Pitcher Rodrigo Lopez (09)
Staff - Pitching coach Roger McDowell (89-91)

Florida Marlins
40-Man Roster - Reliever Brian Sanches (06) and 3rd baseman Wes Helms (07)
Non-Roster Invitees - 3rd baseman Greg Dobbs (07-10) and infielder Joe Thurston (06)

New York Mets
Staff - Pitching coach Dan Warthen (77)
I'm not counting catcher Ronny Paulino or pitcher Taylor Buchholz as neither player suited up for the Phillies in an actual regular season game.

Washington Nationals
2007 Upper Deck
Phillies #25
40-Man Roster - Outfielder Jayson Werth (07-10)
Non-Roster Invitees - Pitcher Joe Bisenius (07) and outfielder Matt Stairs (08-09)

NL Central
Chicago Cubs
40-Man Roster - Pitcher Carlos Silva (02-03) and outfielder Marlon Byrd (02-05)
Staff - First base coach Bob Dernier (!) (80-83; 88-89) and third base coach Ivan DeJesus (82-84)
Each year when I perform this exercise, I'm always surprised to see where certain former Phillies have landed.  I had no idea my all time favorite Phillie was named the Cubs' first base coach this offseason.  Very, very cool.

Cincinnati Reds
40-Man Roster - Infielder Miguel Cairo (09) and third baseman Scott Rolen (96-02)
Staff - First base coach Billy Hatcher (94)

2007 Upper Deck
Phillies #21
Houston Astros
40-Man Roster - Pitchers Sergio Escalona (09), Nelson Figueroa (01;10) , J.A. Happ (07-10) and Brett Myers (02-09), outfielders Michael Bourn (06-07) and Jason Michaels (01-05)
Staff - Manager Brad Mills (coach 97-00)

Milwaukee Brewers
40-Man Roster - Pitcher Randy Wolf (99-06)
Non-Roster Invitee - Pitcher Zack Segovia (07)
Staff - Manager Ron Roenicke (86-87) and hitting coach Dale Sveum (92)

Pittsburgh Pirates
Staff - Third base coach Nick Leyva (manager 89-91)

St. Louis Cardinals
40-Man Roster - Relievers Ryan Franklin (06) and Trever Miller (00), pitcher Kyle Lohse (07), infielder Nick Punto (01-03)


Justin McLeod said...

I'm writing to both Dernier and DeJesus this season. I had no idea Dernier was a former Phil.

Justin McLeod said...

Word verification = trading

Jim said...

Awesome! I used to send birthday cards to Dernier every January and he'd send me back a signed picture. I haven't done the TTM thing with him recently, but I may give it a shot this summer.