Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2000 Fleer Twizzlers #6 Curt Schilling

It's always fun when readers leave comments that send me heading for one of my baseball card binders and the handy-dandy Standard Catalog.  To recap, Dan and Kevin left the following comments on my 1954 Topps Phillies post.

From part of Dan's comment:  . . . I would like to add another set for which the design was recycled, 2000 Twizzlers (I think it was made by Fleer also so it makes sense) . . .

You are correct sir!  In conjunction with Twizzlers, Fleer released a 12-card, glossy-finished set in 2000 that could be found in bags of the delicious licorice.  Curt Schilling was the lone Phillies representative in the set.  Other than the glossy finish, the new number and the Twizzlers logo at the lower right on the reverse of the card, the card is identical to Schilling's regular Fleer Tradition release.

From part of Kevin's comment: 1954 also had a few other food sets to get different players from...one of these days I may make a checklist for these old sets to figure out the player selection.

After a quick scan of the Standard Catalog, I came up with the following Phillies available in various food and tobacco issued sets in 1954:

  • 1954 Dixie Lids - Richie Ashburn
  • 1954 Red Man Tobacco - Richie Ashburn, Curt Simmons, Robin Roberts
  • 1954 Red Heart Dog Food - Richie Ashburn
  • 1954 Wilson Weiners - Del Ennis
And the hunt for the 1954 Wilson Weiners Del Ennis card is on!  Must.  Have.

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