Thursday, December 2, 2010

Topps Phillies Baseball Cards - Diamond Anniversary

1981 Topps #540
I've spent a significant amount of time raking leaves over the past several weekends, which means I've had a lot of time while I was communing with nature for personal reflection, spiritual renewal and of course, blog planning.  I've had a few ideas for this blog come to me that I've summarily rejected - all Donruss for a month, Mike Schmidt oddball Tuesdays, It Came from the '90s Wednesdays - but I recently landed on a not quite novel idea that just might work.

I think I'd like to jump on the Topps retrospection bandwagon and do a post for each of the 60 main baseball card sets produced by Topps since 1951.  This being The Phillies Room, I'd focus on the Phillies cards in each of these Topps sets - my favorite Phillies cards, key Phillies from the sets, who got left out, cards that never were, and so forth and so on.  The idea would be to work my way through each of the Topps sets as a way to celebrate the diamond anniversary of Phillies' players featured on Topps baseball cards.  If I stick to a weekly schedule, I should get to this 1981 Topps Mike Schmidt card by August.

To do this, I may retire Scrapbook Sundays at the end of 2010 and come back with Topps 60 Sundays or Diamond Sundays or Something Clever Sundays to start 2011.  I'd need a few bonus posts to round out the year as there are obviously less Sundays in 2011 than Topps sets, unless my math is off.  The challenge of course would be to keep at this and see it through as I'm sure my interest in such a project could start to wane say around 1961 or in the mid-'90s, if I even got that far.  This could be fun.


Dan said...

This could be really interesting (and time-consuming) for each year. "The cards that never were" set for Phillies players could be a series unto itself (I think other people are doing it for other teams out there). Good luck! Let me know if you would like some assistance with some research.

Jim from Downingtown said...


"What Dan said".

(I've been a Phillies fan since 1967, and have every Phillies card from 1960 - 1993, except for Mike Schmidt's rookie card and the '60 - '63 high numbers, if you need any scans.)


Jim said...

Thanks guys!

I'll start off slow with the 1951 Red and Blue Backs and then I'll ease my way into things.

I've put together a complete set of players from the '80s without "official" Phillies cards, but I can't imagine doing it back to 1951.