Tuesday, November 9, 2010

2010 Chachi #50 Mike Sweeney

News broke that the Phillies had acquired Mike Sweeney from the Mariners as we were enjoying dinner at Ike's Famous Crab Cakes on the Ocean City boardwalk.  It was the first week of August, and the Phillies were in need of a temporary first baseman given Ryan Howard's bum ankle.  Sweeney came through a few days after his acquisition, adding a few key hits in a big inning against the Mets.

In his 26 games with the Phils, Sweeney hit .231 with two home runs and eight RBIs.  Although he was on the team's Postseason roster, he had just one at-bat during the play-offs, which resulted in a pinch-hit single against the Reds in NLDS Game 2.  Prior to his 2010 Postseason appearance, Sweeney had gone 16 seasons and 1,454 games without appearing in the play-offs, landing him fourth on the active list of such players.

I'll remember Sweeney mostly for this:  In times of celebration, Sweeney forgoes the high fives and goes right for a full-on hug.  His time in Philly was short (he's a free agent now), but he made the most of his time with the team.


flywheels said...

I've never seen this card before? Could you help me track one down?

Jim said...

Hi Colbey. It exists only on this blog! This is a custom card I created this past summer when the Phils acquired Mike Sweeney. He hasn't had any official Phillies cards yet.

flywheels said...

Very well then, great job! Topps should hire you.