Sunday, August 29, 2010

Scrapbook Sunday: August 23, 1990

1990 Topps #489
Paul Hagen recently penned an article for the Philadelphia Daily News concerning the Phillies' run-ins with Sam Holbrook's umpiring crew during the Astros' series in Philly.  I completely agree with Hagen's assessment that it's easy to blame the umpiring for the Phillies' recent skid, but the team's continuing offensive woes are the real culprit.

What I found the most interesting in Hagen's article were his examples of two instances in the not too distant past when the Phils publicly voiced their displeasure at umpiring shenanigans.  The first example comes from the woeful '95 season and involves Darren Daulton and Curt Schilling.  The second example concerns the woeful '90 season and an incident between Cowboy Joe West and Von Hayes.  I pulled out my 1990 Phillies Scrapbook and found the page presented here for a little historic perspective.

The lesson here, as pointed out by Hagen at the end of his article:  Some things never change.

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