Monday, August 2, 2010

2010 Chachi #32 J.C. Romero

This is another card that has languished in the draft folder since late April. I like to save these cards until their subjects "star" in a Phillies game. But let's be honest here, when exactly would a left-handed set-up reliever ever be the star of the game? Such is the fate of J.C. Romero, card #32 in this year's Chachi set.

Phillies debut: June 29, 2007
Major League debut: September 15, 1999
How acquired: Signed as a minor league free agent formerly with the Boston Red Sox, June 22, 2007
Others wearing #16 in the 2000s: Marlon Anderson 2000, Travis Lee 2001-2002, Joe Kerrigan (coach) 2003-2004, Bill Dancy (coach) 2005-2006, J.C. Romero 2007-2009
2009 Postseason: J.C. was left off the Postseason roster, as his 2009 season was limited to just 21 games due to a suspension and injuries.
Pictured: October 10, 2008 - An oldie, but a goodie . . . J.C. pitches in 2008 NLCS Game 2 against the Dodgers

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