Saturday, August 14, 2010

1982 Fleer #253 Dickie Noles

Mets 1, Phillies 0
Game 115 - Friday Night, August 13th in New York

Cole Hamels was once again the victim of a complete lack of run support, as R.A. Dickey led the Mets to victory behind his 1-hit shutout.  Showing that he truly did everything he possibly could to help the Phils win tonight, the sole hit allowed by Dickey was a single from Hamels in the 6th.  The Phils have played 4 games at the Mets' Citi Field this season and they've now been shut out in all 4 of those games.

The Mets lone run came on back-to-back 6th inning doubles from David Wright and Carlos Beltran.  Both balls appeared to have been catchable, as Shane Victorino broke in on Wright's double allowing it to sail over his head and Beltran's double just eluded the outstretched glove of Raul Ibañez.

Back to Thursday:  Lost in all the hoopla from Thursday night's dramatic victory was the fact that I shook Dickie Noles' hand before the game.  It's not a very exciting story, but I was thrilled to have very briefly met and shook the hand of the man who knocked down George Brett in the 1980 World Series.

As Jenna and I were making our way throughout the Citizens Bank Park concourse to our seats, I spotted Noles walking towards us.  I did what any good Phillies fans would do, shouting, "Hey Dickie!" just as he was passing us.  He looked up, seemingly genuinely happy to be recognized, gave me a firm hand shake and said, "Hey!  Good to see you!" and then kept walking.  Jenna looked at me quizzically after the moment had passed, and I dreamily informed her, "I just shook Dickie Noles' hand."  And he said it was good to see me.  Pretty cool.


Matt Runyon said...

I wonder how often the "non-stars" get recognized, especially 25-30 years after they played.

I also remember Noles from that great 1980 club.

Jim said...

Noles looks surprisingly similar to how he looked back on his '82 Fleer card - his hair is just less puffy now.

Jenna said...

Was he interviewed that night by Jim Jackson? We saw him near JJ...

Jim said...

That could be. I hadn't thought of that!