Sunday, July 25, 2010

Scrapbook Sunday: August 3, 1990

1990 Score Rookie/Traded #31T Dale Murphy

20 years ago, the Phillies added a Murphy to their stable, acquiring former perennial All-Star Dale Murphy from the Atlanta Braves. It was an exciting week for this young(er) Phillies fan, as the team was on a fast pace to nowhere during the '90 season, but this move at least created a buzz for a few weeks. With no internet or 24-hour sports channels, I had to wait for the Phillies pre-game show on the radio to learn of the trade. Additionally, with no graphic design software readily available on my Commodore 64, I had to make due with changing the logo on Murphy's Braves' hat the old-fashioned way - scissors and paste. And I guess back then the Phillies logo was featured slightly off-center on the team's hats.

As mentioned previously, my sister became Mrs. Murphy this weekend and baseball took a back seat to the weekend's festivities. Our family came together to celebrate and a splendid time was had by all. Unfortunately, my new cousin Dale couldn't make it to the reception.


Kevin said...

It is ridiculous the lack of hall-of-fame support this guy gets...he doesn't have the stats, and that is all you can look at I guess

Jim said...

I just remember him as being completely dominant throughout the '80s. And I remember him being included as the Braves representative in every single subset or specialty set of baseball cards.