Sunday, June 6, 2010

Scrapbook Sunday: June 16, 1986

1986 Donruss #183 Steve Carlton

Exhaustion. That what's I'm feeling on Saturday night as I'm writing this post to be published on Sunday afternoon. It was a long week at work followed by a full Saturday, which included a 90-minute presentation of Nick Jr. Storytime Live! in a theater with a broken air conditioner and hundreds of hot, screaming kids. (Doug loved the show, so that's all that really matters.)

On Saturday night, in stifling heat, the 47-year-old Jamie Moyer pitched a complete game victory against the Padres, and he made it look easy. I'm 11 years younger than Moyer, yet I barely have the energy right now to scan in a page from one of my old scrapbooks for Scrapbook Sunday.

So in honor of Moyer, and his limitless energy, I'm featuring the box score from his Major League debut, 24 years ago next week. Who would have thought that 24 years after this game, in which he defeated Hall of Famer Steve Carlton, Jamie Moyer would still be pitching in the big leagues? It boggles the mind.


Kevin said...

I think the interesting thing is...Moyer has been playing so long that his debut is presented in a box score like this...I am pretty sure my local paper no longer prints boxscores, just the linescores.

He may even outlast newspapers all together if he sticks around just a few more years.

Jim said...

The other thing I like about this boxscore is that I can instantly picture every single player featured - even Jay Baller. I don't think I could do that today if I looked at a boxscore.