Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2006 Upper Deck #740 Arthur Rhodes

Reds 4, Phillies 3
Game 76 - Wednesday Afternoon, June 30th in Cincinnati

June went out with a whimper and a series loss in Cincinnati.  If not for Jay Bruce's 2-run home run in the 8th inning this afternoon, you'd be looking at a splendid 2010 Chachi card of back-up catcher Dane Sardinha right now.  Sardinha provided the Phillies' only offense today, hitting a 3-run home run in the 4th.  Busy at work, I turned my attention away from the game at the end of the 6th inning with the Phils holding a 3-1 lead.  By the time I had a chance to check the score again, it was 4-3 Reds and the game was all but over.

Roy Halladay pitched another complete game (why?) but he was the victim of low run support and two home runs to Bruce in the 8th and Joey Votto in the 6th.  He struck out 10 and threw an amazing 89 strikes out of 119 pitches.  But you can't win ballgames when Wilson Valdez (2 more hits) and Dane Sardinha are your offensive stars.  The middle of the line-up was AWOL again, going 2 for 16 with 7 strikeouts.  Former Phillie Arthur Rhodes picked up the win in relief for the Reds.

2010 Chachi Set:  Speaking of Chachi cards . . . the 2010 Chachi set now stands at 41 cards with the addition of Brian Bocock to the roster yesterday.  I have fronts and backs finished for all but 2 of the cards in the set.  (I need to wrap up the backs of the team card and Charlie Manuel's card.)  I had been holding these cards back just in case Nelson Figueroa or David Herndon or Paul Hoover did something astounding to earn star of the game status and thus have their Chachi card featured in a game summary post.  I've come to realize the chance of that happening is slim (sorry guys), so look for these cards to start popping up between now and the All-Star break.

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I think Charlie's mind is already distracted by the all-star game.