Friday, April 23, 2010

Phillies at Diamondbacks: April 23rd through April 25th

Friday 9:40, Saturday 8:10, Sunday 4:10

Records: Phillies 10-5, 1st Place in NL East (1 ½ games ahead of the Marlins); Diamondbacks 6-9, 5th Place in NL West (3 games behind the Padres)

Former Diamondbacks with the Phillies: Reliever Chad Durbin (2004) and spot starter Nelson Figueroa (2000) both spent time with the Diamondbacks.

2003 Topps Record Breakers #RB-CS Curt Schilling

Ten Years Gone: Ten years ago this July, general manager Ed Wade pulled the trigger on the deal sending team ace Curt Schilling to the Diamondbacks for Travis Lee, Omar Daal, Vicente Padilla and Nelson Figueroa. Only Figueroa and Padilla (with the Dodgers) are still active. If, and it's a big if, Schilling ends up in the Hall of Fame, does he go in with a Phillies, Diamondbacks or Red Sox hat?

Phillies Probables: Cole Hamels, Nelson Figueroa, Kyle Kendrick
Diamondbacks Probables: Kris Benson, Ian Kennedy, Rodrigo Lopez


Section 36 said...

I hope Schilling doesn't get near the Hall without a ticket.

If he does get in, though, it's an good question. Two rings in Boston. Better years in AZ. More (?) years and a World Series in Philly. I know that I still consider him a Phillie and more of a hired gun for the last two teams. Philly was also the only team where he was the ace of the staff. I'd say he has a P on his hat. But, they don't ask me.

Jim said...

I'm with you - he shouldn't get in, but if it does happen, he'll probably have a P on his cap. (And his speech will be no shorter than 4 hours.)