Sunday, March 28, 2010

Scrapbook Sunday: April 7, 1992

1992 Medford Phillies #4 Lenny Dykstra

I've previously written about my rebellious experience on Opening Day 1992, and here's the corresponding page from my 1992 Phillies Scrapbook. Looking back on this page, I regret I didn't personalize the page to either reflect the fact I had attended this game or to show a souvenir (ticket stub?) from the game itself. To remedy this, 18 years later, I'm going to post the picture taken at Gate B with the group of guys with whom I was fortunate to attend this game. I've attended some memorable Opening Day games in my day, and this goes down as one of the best. (And no, Jenna, Opening Day 2003 - in the rain - was not one of my favorites!)

Nails Out:
Lenny Dykstra missed the next 15 games recovering from a broken wrist suffered when he was hit by a Greg Maddux pitch. Ruben Amaro, Jr. took his place in the line-up, hitting just .154 during Nails' DL stint.


Jenna said...

Do we even have a picture of us from Opening Day 2003?

Jim said...

No pictures of us - it was too cold. But I do have a picture of the huge American flag they unfurled in the outfield. I smell a Joe Roa post coming on. And to quote Doug, "It smells awful."