Saturday, January 30, 2010

2000 Topps Tek #26-5 Scott Rolen

So I've been thinking about the decade of the '00s recently. Where did it go? What did it all mean? How did I get here? Just how many Scott Rolen and Pat Burrell cards do I have from the 2000 baseball card releases? These are all head-scratching questions to be sure, but the only one I've been able to answer is the last question. More on that in a bit.

Throughout various past posts on this blog, I've referred to the early '00s as the Dark Times. The '00s started out OK, bottomed out in 2002, and then got better and better as the decade progressed. (Here’s where I need to pause and thank my lovely wife, Jenna. Thank you, Jenna.) I never stopped collecting baseball cards during the Dark Times, but my collecting habits waxed and waned along with my personal turbulence. I tend to largely ignore the baseball card releases from the early part of the decade, and the astute follower of this blog will be able to see a hole from 1998 to 2005 on my Phillies Wantlists featured on the sidebar. I recently decided to remedy that.

It's time to move on, forget the bad parts of the '00s, and stop the hurtful neglect thrust upon the Phillies baseball cards from this era. Over the next few weeks (months?), time permitting, I'm going to update my Phillies wantlists to include cards I'm seeking from the Dark Times. This means I need to fully organize my Phillies baseball cards from the early '00s. As a result of this, and following in the footsteps of several other baseball card bloggers, I've started the process of cataloguing my Phillies baseball cards, starting with the 2000 releases. Will I ever complete this project? Probably not. Is it a fun distraction at the end of a long day of work? Yes. And just how many different Scott Rolen and Pat Burrell cards do I have from the 2000 baseball card releases? 121 and 84, respectively.

Teknically Speaking: Somehow in my travels, I ended up with all 15 variations of the Scott Rolen and Pat Burrell cards appearing in the 2000 Topps Tek set. I know for a fact I never opened a pack of this product, so these cards must have come from some long forgotten eBay win.


capewood said...

Good luck. I've been putting together a list of 2000 Phillies cards. I'm done through 2004. From 2000 to 2004 there were 1,356 Pat Burrell cards and 817 Scott Rolen Phillies cards.

Jenna said...

You're welcome. We did go to card shows prior to 2005, did we just purchase older cards?

Section 36 said...

I went to a Sox game in Philly in 2000. They were selling t-shirts at the stadium claiming it "The Battle of the Rookies of the Year!" because both Nomar and Rolen had been the 1997 ROY. I figured that was pretty sad that the best thing they could hype was an award won three years before. Not only did it sum up the state of the Phillies, but also the "Nomar, Pedro, and how did they make the ALCS" Sox.

Wish I had bought a t-shirt though.

Jim said...

Jenna - We went to card shows, but I was working on older sets and those blasted Heritage sets. My Phillies collection came back to life starting in 2003. :) It really drops off again in 2005 . . . I think we were just too busy!

Cliff - Wow! Does that include parallels or are those the number of just base and insert cards?

S36 - That would have been a cool shirt and I vaguely recall that series.

Dan said...

I wish you luck. These were also the dark times for me. I have practically nothing from 1998-2005. Though, there's only so many cards of Desi Relaford one can take.