Monday, December 21, 2009

1997 Stadium Club #178 Benito Santiago

Apparently, Gregg Jefferies and the Topps photographer were not alone during their visit to Superman's Fortress of Solitude. Snowed in yesterday, I spent some time with my 1997 Phillies binder and came across proof of Benito Santiago's presence in the Fortress as well.

As evidenced by the last few posts, it's been a quiet few days for the Phillies and their fans. After the Roy Halladay era began, the team exercised Jimmy Rollins' 2011 option, and Spring Training tickets went on sale.

While it's been quiet on the Phillies front, I imagine things are getting very busy up at the North Pole. Rumor has it, Santa has started to pack his sleigh . . .


Jenna said...

He looks happy - despite the cold!

Jim said...

Benito was a tough one. Notice the choice of short sleeves, even when in the middle of a secret ice fortress.