Friday, October 23, 2009

2009 Chachi #59 Batting Leaders - Shane Victorino & Chase Utley

The long lay-off until the start of the 2009 World Series will give me an opportunity to post the remaining 2009 Chachi Team Leader cards.

To qualify for a season's batting championship, a player needs 502 or more plate appearances. Unfortunately, this rules out Paul Hoover (3 for 4 with a .750 average) and Andy Tracy (5 for 12 with a .417 average) for the Phillies' 2009 batting title. A situation could arise where a player has less than 502 plate appearances but still wins the batting championship. However, those rules involve too much math and this situation doesn't apply to the Phillies this year.

Shane Victorino takes the honors this year with his .292 average, followed by Chase Utley (.282), Ryan Howard (.279), Raul IbaƱez (.272), Jayson Werth (.268), Pedro Feliz (.266) and Jimmy Rollins (.250). This is the second season in a row the Phils haven't had someone crack the .300 plateau. Shane dropped below .300 after September 15th and Chase hadn't been above the mark since September 2nd.


Section 36 said...

Didn't Tony Gwynn win a batting tite without 502 appearnces a few years ago, using the very rule you hinted at?

Jim said...

Impressive memory! I had to check Baseball Reference, but Tony Gwynn did indeed win the '96 NL batting title hitting .353, but with just 498 plate appearances.