Saturday, October 17, 2009

2008 Upper Deck Goudey #255 Chase Utley

A gray card for a gray day . . . It's cold, dreary and raining in the Northeast today.

I can't keep from wondering how yesterday's game would have turned out if Chase Utley had been able to make a clean throw to first in the 8th inning instead of air-mailing it into the Phillies' dugout. The game would have still been tied up, but the bullpen would have probably had an easier time getting out of the inning. We'll never know.

Charlie Manuel doesn't seem worried about Chase's defensive lapses, so I won't worry either: "He can correct that. Chase is better than that. Those mistakes that you make like that, that happens sometimes. Two days in a row, he's made one. I know it plays a part in a game, and so does he. But at the same time, I've got a lot of faith in him. He's the one guy in the world that will work on it and correct it - it's Chase Utley. Sometimes that's just the way the game goes."

National Chicle?: This card appears to be loosely based on the 1936 National Chicle Fine Pen design. It's a short-print from the 2008 Upper Deck Goudey set, and it represents another option for Upper Deck's upcoming 2010 releases since they've lost their license to include Major League logos on their baseball cards.


deal said...

I think of them as being closer to 1936 Goudey Wide Pen

Jim said...

I had to pull out the big book - the Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards. The design is closest to the 1936 Goudey set, which features the player's name in script in the bottom right and includes two different game situations on the back. The Utley card has "Ball" and "Out on its back.

The 1936 Goudey Wide Pen set features a facsimile auto on the bottom left of the card. And now we know.