Friday, October 30, 2009

2007 Chachi #12 Greg Dobbs

Other Game 2 thoughts . . .

Worked out OK in '08: The Phils won Game 1 of the World Series last year and lost Game 2 against the Tampa Bay Rays. They came home to sweep the Rays, taking the World Series in five games.

Golden Sombrero: Ryan Howard did not enjoy Game 2. The Big Piece went 0 for 4 with four strikeouts and tipped his cap to A.J. Burnett following the game: "He had his curveball working today. It was a nasty pitch - nasty." The top four guys in the line-up combined to go 1 for 13 against the A.J. Burnett-Mariano Rivera tandem.

Get Well Soon: Greg Dobbs and Tyler Walker (not on the Postseason roster) were sent home from New York with the flu. Dobbs was slated to DH last night, but Matt Stairs got the start instead.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jim. I'm somewhat out of the loop in regards to these new retro BB cards. Is this an idea that Topps is only doing? For example, the 1976 Greg Dobbs card is crazy. I love it. How long have they been doing this and are they available? Thanks - Landrew

Jim said...

Hello there Landrew. These cards are actually something I've worked on for the last few years. There are a lot of great custom baseball cards being made these days (for enjoyment purposes only) and if you poke around some of the links listed on the left, you'll find more. (Start with Goose Joak - he rocks.)

For more information on the "Chachi" sets, click on the link up top right below my banner. Thanks for the kind words on the Dobbs card!