Sunday, October 11, 2009

2004 Bowman Heritage #41 Bobby Abreu

Bobby Abreu and the Los Angeles Angels completed an improbable comeback this afternoon to win the first round of the American League playoffs and sweep the Boston Red Sox out of the Postseason. In ascending order of importance, this means the following to me:

1. The Phillies will not face the Red Sox in the World Series and we'll have to wait another year for a rematch of the 1915 Fall Classic.

2. If the Yankees advance to the ALCS, I don't have to have Fox and MLB remind me why the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry is classic and Beyond Baseball.

3. If the Twins win tonight (hopefully), the start time for Monday's NLDS Game 4 between the Phils and Rockies will be 5pm at the earliest. If the Yankees win tonight, the game will start at 7pm. Had the Red Sox lost and if the Twins win tonight, Monday's NLDS Game 4 would have been played at 2pm, and I would have had to finagle my way out of yet another afternoon of work.


Section 36 said...

Glad the Sox could help you out with the schedule. On a similar note, at least I don't have to be at Fenway for a mighty cold 8:30 start.

I guess that's a good thing.

Jim said...

As much as I'd like a later start time for tomorrow's game, it's very difficult to actually root for the Yankees.

Section 36 said...

Amen to that.