Saturday, October 10, 2009

1994 Upper Deck #6 Ricky Bottalico

With snow on the ground in Denver and temperatures in the 20's, NLDS Game 3 has been officially postponed until tomorrow night. Game 4 will now be played Monday night. Game 5, which shouldn't be necessary once the Phils wrap things up Monday night, would be played Tuesday in Philadelphia.

I believe this is the only Phillies baseball card in my collection featuring snow. I'd love to know the story behind Upper Deck's decision to have Ricky Bottalico, in full uniform, pose in a snow drift.


night owl said...

Why is there a team in Colorado again? Why don't we just put a major league team in Winnipeg? It's retractable dome time for Denver.

That "snow card" is cool.

Jim said...

Agreed. Besides, I'm anxious for the Phils to face off against the Dodgers. Let's dispense with the purple ones and their overuse of the word Roctober.

Pop-Pop said...

The series should be tis rate we are going into Thanksgiving