Friday, October 2, 2009

1951 Bowman #51 Andy Seminick

One of the baseball card blogs I frequent recently closed a poll concerning former Phillies catcher Andy Seminick. 37 votes were cast in the poll and almost half the voters chose to vote, "Who's Andy Seminick?"

It would be difficult to answer this question more succintly and accurately than this passage from Boyd & Harris' wonderful and essential Great American Baseball Card Flipping, Trading and Bubble Gum Book:
Andy Seminick was the hardrock, fireplug catcher for the [1950] Whiz Kid Phillies. He was the one who directed - and catchers too rarely get credit for this - Robin Roberts, Curt Simmons, and the reliever Jim Konstanty to their best seasons. He caught almost every game, and hit a strong .288 with 24 home runs.
Please also see JayBee Anama's original Andy Seminick post for his tribute to this underrated fan favorite.


Matt Runyon said...

The Boyd and Harris book is a classic. Seminick was a good ballplayer.

night owl said...

Andy Seminick was a good friend of Frank Smith, the '50s pitcher I wrote about a couple weeks ago.

Pop-Pop said...

Nice Card

Jim said...

Night Owl - Loved that post. It's always great to learn something new about players from earlier eras.