Tuesday, September 22, 2009

2009 Topps Heritage #238 Ronny Paulino

Marlins 3, Phillies 0 (Game 2)

Phillies Pet Peeve: Where did the offense go? Why is it the Phillies usually follow a game in which they have an offensive outburst with a game in which their bats are no where to be found? The Phillies managed just two hits against the Marlins' Anibal Sanchez and Leo Nunez tonight (both hits came from Chase Utley), as they lost to the Fish, 3-0. Marlins pitchers recorded 23 total strikeouts on the day. Jamie Moyer pitched a decent game, but you usually can't win a game with just two hits. Marlins' catcher Ronny Paulino went 3 for 4 tonight in the winning effort.

2009 Topps Heritage Pet Peeves: Why is there a Ronny Paulino Phillies card in this set? Ronny spent Spring Training with the Phils, but at best he was slated to be the team's AAA back-up catcher, fourth in the catching depth chart behind Carlos Ruiz, Chris Coste and Lou Marson. The Phillies traded him to the Giants before camp broke for reliever Jack Taschner on March 27th. On the same day, a few hours later, the Giants spun him off to the Marlins. Here's a short list of Phillies that could have been included in the Topps Heritage set in Ronny's stead: Ruiz, Pedro Feliz, Greg Dobbs, Matt Stairs, Chan Ho Park or J.A. Happ. Thus concludes this edition of "Pet Peeves and Things I Don't Get."

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Jim from Downingtown said...

Yeah, this is like a throwback to the early 1990s when Topps (via their Bowman line) Donruss, or Score would speculate on the next phenom, trying to beat everyone else to the punch!

Remember Topps' decision awhile back to forego making a card for every player, so that they could load up on multiple cards for the "stars"? That's weak!