Thursday, September 3, 2009

2009 Phillies Team Issue Update #45 Pedro Martinez

Phillies 2, Giants 1

Phillies announcer Chris Wheeler called tonight's game a "belly burner," which is Wheels-speak for a game that could have easily induced indigestion. Pedro Martinez, Ryan Madson and Brad Lidge shut down the Giants tonight to win the game and take the series. Pedro's only mistake came on his first pitch of the game, which Eugenio Velez hit for a lead-off home run. He settled in after that, pitching seven strong innings and striking out nine.

Ryan Madson and Brad Lidge did their jobs tonight, closing down the Giants in the eighth and ninth innings. Lidge earned his 28th save.

The Phillies runs were provided by Jayson Werth's 30th home run of the year (a solo shot in the second) and Ryan Howard's RBI-double in the sixth.

The Newest Phil: Catcher Paul Hoover joined the team today as their third catcher. Paul will be happy to know he'll eventually be card #56 in the 2009 Chachi set.

To Hit, or Not to Hit, that is the Question: Todd Zolecki tweeted last night that Raul Ibañez actually said this when approached about his struggles at the plate: "I think it was Shakespeare who said, 'My head is bloodied, but unbowed.' Keep fighting." Pat Burrell definitely never provided post-game quotes like that. (The quote is actually from William Ernest Henley.)


Dan said...

I had chills tonight from Pedro's performance and I only listened on the radio.

Jim said...

He showed Lincecum how it's done. He's going to make it tough to finalize a Postseason rotation if he keeps pitching like this.