Wednesday, September 9, 2009

2006 Chachi #10 Sal Fasano

If I were to list my top five passions, it would go like this: family, baseball, Phillies, Beatles, Disney. Easy isn't it?

Today is a huge day for me and Beatles fans everywhere. The Beatles' entire back catalogue is being re-released in deluxe remastered format, available in cool looking mono and stereo box sets. The reviews of the new CDs make me extremely anxious to hear the songs in all their remastered glory. Today is also the release date for the new The Beatles: Rock Band video game, which is forcing me to ask Santa for a Wii for Christmas. (Santa - If you're reading this blog, I'd like a Wii and some late-'50s Phillies cards. Thanks.)

Why Sal Fasano?: I recently put on an old Sal’s Pals t-shirt (see picture), which led Doug to ask, “Is that your Beatles shirt?” My 2-year-old is familiar with the Beatles as a result of the recent introduction of Yellow Submarine into his DVD library. He made the honest mistake of thinking the image on the t-shirt was one of the Beatles. If you've seen Yellow Submarine before, you can appreciate it’s something a toddler would enjoy. His favorite songs are currently the title track and "All Together Now." My son seems to be musically inclined (the proud father says), and it brings me great joy to see the Beatles have entered into his world. In any event, Sal Fasano and the Beatles are now permanently linked in my mind.

Bonus Quiz: What's the Beatles connection to the time this post was published?


deal said...

Number 9, Number 9....

Where's that from The White Album??

Jim said...

Yep - Revolution 9 was on the White Album.

The answer to the quiz came via e-mail from an anonymous reader from Jacksonville (we'll call him Andy):

"So it was posted at 9:10 – that’s one after 909!"

Walda said...

I knew that (Number 9) - As I recall, I introduced you to MY White Album. You're welcome. When you were Doug's age, you sang "Eight Days a Week" around the house.

Jim said...

And I still sing Eight Days a Week around the house!

Tommy said...

"Black, white, green red
Can I take my friend to bed?"

Isn't he a touch young for that sort of thing? Or is it OK because he still thinks that bit down there is just for playing with during diaper changes?

Jim said...

Thomas Z.?

Your first comment and you sully a jolly Beatles song? :)

I chose to view the "friend" part as a stuffed animal or a lovey.