Wednesday, September 16, 2009

1978 Topps #210 Jose Cardenal

I’ve mentioned previously this is one of my busiest times of year at work. The first two weeks of September have been a blur, with no real time to sit and reflect, to stop and smell the roses or to blog. It’s been get up, get showered, go to work, work, go to sleep, repeat since a few weeks before Labor Day. But my deadlines have now passed, and life (the important part) can resume.

I’ve eaten a lot of lunches and dinners at my desk in my office over the past several weeks. Fortunately, I’ve been able to fire up my Google Reader and check in on the many wonderful baseball card blogs floating around out there during the 30 minutes or so of my solitary sandwich time. The blog roll on the left sidebar of this humble blog kept me entertained for many a meal.

Which naturally brings us to . . . Jose Cardenal’s afro. Besides potentially being an amazing name for a garage band, I read about the evolution of Jose Cardenal’s afro on the Wrigley Wax blog. Where else am I going to get this kind of insight as to the growth and under-hat positioning of Jose Cardenal’s afro as pictured on his 1970’s Topps baseball cards? It's this kind of post that made me look forward each day to catching up with the numerous and immensely entertaining baseball card blogs I follow.

Starting today, I’m taking a few days off from work to decompress and to generally just sit and smile. The first thing I wanted to do was to start where Wrigley Wax left off and track down Jose Cardenal’s 1978 Topps card, which I had vaguely recalled featured a ginormous afro. I was right. Here’s to deadlines met, well deserved rest days, baseball card blogs and Jose Cardenal’s afro.


Pop-Pop said...

Well-Deserved...Have fun

night owl said...

Hear, hear! I agree 100 percent with everything you wrote.