Wednesday, August 5, 2009

2008 Chachi #38 J.A. Happ

Phillies 7, Rockies 0

It's a good problem to have . . . In what many suspect is J.A. Happ's last start in the Phillies' rotation, the rookie lefthander struck out a career-high ten and pitched a complete game shutout against the Rockies tonight. It just so happens Pedro Martinez was also pitching tonight for the Phils' AA affiliate in Reading in what is probably his last rehab start. Pedro pitched six solid innings, striking out 11. It's been theorized that when J.A.'s rotation turn comes around again next week, it will be occupied by Pedro going forward.

Jamie Moyer has struggled at times, but the team is justifiably reluctant to move the 46-year-old career starting pitcher to the bullpen. It's a good problem to have . . .

As has been standard operating procedure for the Phillies, the offense was provided by the long ball. Pedro Feliz and Jimmy Rollins went back-to-back in the 2nd inning (as we were on our way back from the rides), and Jayson Werth added a 3-run home run in the 5th.

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