Tuesday, August 25, 2009

2006 Chachi #28 Gary Varsho CO

Pirates 6, Phillies 4

I wanted to gush about another come-from-behind Phillies victory tonight. I wanted to feature a Ben Francisco card (he doubled in the tying run in the 9th inning) or a Shane Victorino card (he tripled in Francisco as the go-ahead run a few batters later). I could have even gone with a Jimmy Rollins card, since he hit two home runs in the game.

But Brad Lidge blew the game. Again. For the 9th time.

Instead of a celebratory post, all I've got is a slight case of indigestion and this Chachi card of former Phillies and current Pirates bench coach Gary Varsho, looking rather dour. I know how you feel Gary.


Pop-Pop said...

Note to Dave Montgomery...
McCarthys' call of 9th inning...I couldn't tell if Phils won or Pirates won...we need Harry and Whitey or Frantke and Anderson

Jim said...

Agreed. For some reason, I was listening to the TV audio last night instead of the radio. I'm sure Franzke & L.A. were disgusted, but McCarthy came across like he was calling a national broadcast.