Monday, August 10, 2009

1988 Score #32 Juan Samuel

Right before leaving for the shore last Saturday, a padded envelope of baseball cards arrived from Night Owl. (I had previously sent Night Owl a package containing a few Dodgers cards and some cards needed for his ongoing set pursuits). I opened the package and immediately began admiring the Jimmy Rollins Allen & Ginter relic card, which was by far the prize of the package. Or was it?

Along with the Rollins card, Night Owl had included a nice stack of new and old Phillies cards. Doug, my 2½ year-old son, took one look at the purple-bordered Juan Samuel card and announced, "Oohh. That's my baseball card." He made similar announcements for the following cards: 1988 Score #566 Ron Roenicke, 1989 Donruss #396 Don Carman, 1990 Donruss #430 Ken Howell, 2009 Topps #44 Geoff Jenkins and 2009 Topps Toppstown #TTT9 Ryan Howard. For whatever reason, he declined to add the 1997 Metal Universe Ricky Otero card to his collection. Kid's got good sense.

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night owl said...

Hard for a toddler to dismiss a shiny card. He really must be a smart kid.