Sunday, August 16, 2009

1980 Burger King Phillies #8 John Vukovich

I previously discussed Matt R.'s Project Baseball 1976 blog, and now it's time to pay my respects to the Dean Family's 1980 Topps blog. Similar to Matt's blog, every post contains an incredible amount of information about the card featured. Each post also includes a personal anecdote or recollection involving the card, and it's been fun following along. I will admit however, I'll sometimes skip ahead through the thoroughly researched information in the body of the post to the "Why I Love This Card" section at the end of each post. Most of these have honestly made me laugh a little. A little humor, something I didn't already know about the 1980 Topps set and clear pictures of the front and backs of each card – what more could you ask for in a blog?

Long-time Phillie player and coach John Vukovich wasn't included in the main 1980 Topps set, but he did get his own card when Topps collaborated with Burger King for the 1980 Burger King Phillies set. Other players (and a manager) featured in this set, but not included in the Topps base set: manager Dallas Green (a mini Dallas can be found on the Phillies team card in the base set), Keith Moreland, Lonnie Smith, and Kevin Saucier. (Kevin is featured on the Phillies Future Stars card in the base set, but he gets his own Burger King card.)

For the record, if I ever decided to start a blog highlighting each card from a set, I'd have a tough time deciding between the 1956 Topps set and the 1975 Topps set.


Matt Runyon said...

I'd like to see the 1956 set. It's a beautiful set and I'd like to learn more about it.

The 1980 blog is a great one. It's fun when cards overlap between his 1980 set and my 1976 set.

Jim said...

One day maybe . . . I could do it over the span of a year since it's only 342 cards. Right now tt would be tough to find the time to scan, research, and do the cards justice. One day . . .

Pop-Pop said...

I will never get tired of thumbing through book of the 56's

Dean Family said...

My belated thanks for the kind words and the promos. I probably would have lost the energy to do this a while ago if no one was reading. I do appreciate it.

A 1956 set would be pretty sweet.

Thanks also for the heads up on the other 1980 Phillies out there. I never knew that they were out there. They would be part of the never-were 1980s traded set, I guess!