Sunday, August 30, 2009

1962 Topps #111 Dallas Green & 2009 Phungo Cards

Forget Allen & Ginter. Forget Topps Chrome. The hottest set going right now is Phungo Cards. My first pack arrived yesterday in the mail as part of a recently completed trade with the set's proprietor. The pack did not disappoint, as it included several original Phungo Cards, a 1994 Ultra Phillies Finest John Kruk card, a 1987 Sportflics Mike Schmidt card and an autographed 1996 Leaf Signature Russ Springer card. Not bad for my first pack!
Phungo also helped us inch closer to completing our 2009 Upper Deck and 2008 Topps Heritage sets
Finally, Phungo sent along several vintage Phillies cards to fill in some of the holes in my '60s and '70s binder, including this 1962 Topps Dallas Green card. He mentioned he was including a fairly beat up 1965 Topps Jim Bunning card and he wasn't kidding! This poor card was completely abused, and it looks as if someone had attempted to give Gentleman Jim a handle bar mustache. However, into the '65 team set it goes, at least as place holder!

Thanks again Phungo!

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