Sunday, July 26, 2009

2004 Upper Deck Update #563 Felix Rodriguez

5 days away . . . The Phillies Room counts down to the Trade Deadline

July 30, 2004: Felix Rodriguez acquired from the San Francisco Giants for Ricky Ledee and Alfredo Simon
July 31, 2004: Todd Jones and Brian Correll acquired from the Cincinnati Reds for Josh Hancock and Anderson Machado

Sadly, Todd Jones does not have a Phillies card. (In 2004, I was still a year away from the inaugural Chachi set). Even more sadly, the Phillies would fail to make the Postseason yet again, despite bolstering their bullpen at the trade deadline. Both pitchers acquired pitched well enough, but the Phils finished the season 10 games behind the Braves in the NL East and 6 games behind the Astros in the Wild Card race.

Todd Jones left the team after the season via free agency, signing with the Florida Marlins. He'd play four more seasons in the Majors, saving 133 games for the Marlins and the Tigers.

F-Rod (yes, F-Rod), was traded to the Yankees in December 2004 for Kenny Lofton. He'd play for the Yankees in 2005 and the Nationals in 2006 before calling it a career.

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