Thursday, July 2, 2009

2004 Topps #333 Kevin Millwood SH

My Dad and I were there when Kevin Millwood pitched his no-hitter against the Giants on April 27, 2003 at the Vet. The game ranks right up there as one of the greatest games I've ever personally attended.

Kevin pitched a tumultuous two seasons with the Phils in 2003 and 2004, and he never quite seemed to look comfortable pitching in the spotlight of the big city. In 60 games as a Phillie, Kevin compiled a 23-18 record with a 4.34 ERA and he led the NL with 3 shutouts in 2003.

Following the 2004 season, Kevin signed as a free agent with the Cleveland Indians. After a year in Cleveland, Kevin's pitched with the Texas Rangers since 2006.

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deal said...

Millwood is having a really good yr w/ Texas right now. Mixed emotions about him. In general I think I hope he does well, unless it's against the Phils.