Thursday, July 23, 2009

2000 Fleer Focus #34 Curt Schilling

8 days away . . . The Phillies Room counts down to the Trade Deadline

July 12, 2000: Andy Ashby traded to the Atlanta Braves for Bruce Chen and Jimmy Osting
July 26, 2000: Curt Schilling traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks for Travis Lee, Omar Daal, Vicente Padilla and Nelson Figueroa
July 26, 2000: Rob Ducey traded to the Toronto Blue Jays for a PTBNL (John Sneed or some might say . . . himself)
July 30, 2000: Ron Gant traded to the Anaheim Angels for cash

These were dark days. On the day General Manager Ed Wade pulled the trigger to trade the team's ace, the Phillies were in last place, 17 games behind the first place Braves.

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Dan said...

The only good trade there was sending away Ashby, what a doomed signing that was (along with Mike Jackson). The Schilling trade I was excited about...Travis Lee and Padilla especially. Guess I was wrong to be excited.