Friday, July 10, 2009

1983 Fleer #634 Fountain of Youth - Stargell & Rose

Unsolicited Phillies Room Rant: The Phillies should play the Pirates more. Not because the Pirates are (and have been) a lousy team, but because both teams are from the same state and both teams forged an incredible rivalry in the late-'70s and early '80s. Growing up, the Pirates games were the games I looked forward to the most. I seriously disliked (hate is probably too strong a word) Bill Madlock and Dave Parker and John Candelaria. Kent Tekulve seemed cool at the time, but he too was mysterious and other-worldly with his dark glasses and mustard and black square hat.

It's almost the middle of July and this is the first time the Phils will play the Pirates. Thanks to the once innovative Interleague Play, we've played the entire American League East, but we have yet to see our in-state and long-time National League rivals.

To borrow a phrase from Bill Conlin, when I'm king of the world, Major League Baseball will go back to a balanced schedule, it will eliminate Interleague Play and the Phillies and Pirates will match up for the first time way before mid-July. (Thus concludes the rant).