Wednesday, June 24, 2009

2006 Chachi #5 Pat Burrell

If you erase the 8th inning train wreck, tonight's game boiled down to a pitcher's dual between the Rays' Matt Garza and the Phillies' Joe Blanton. Blanton pitched 7+ innings, allowing only a 2-run home run to Pat Burrell and striking out 10. Garza pitched 8 innings, scattering 3 hits (one of which was a Jayson Werth solo home run) and striking out 7.

I'm not sure if it would have mattered or not, but Jimmy Rollins made a bone-headed play in the botoom of the 8th, allowing the Rays to pad their 2-1 lead. By electing to try to force the runner at 2nd and not throwing out the incredibly slow Pat Burrell at first, Jimmy failed to secure the final out of the inning and opened the gates for the Rays to score 5 times and eventually win, 7-1.

The Phils have lost 9 of their last 11. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

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