Saturday, June 13, 2009

1983 Donruss Hall of Fame Heroes #23 Grover Alexander

I can say with absolute, 100% certainty that my Aunt Edna does not read this blog. In any event, I'd like to wish her a happy 95th birthday, and I'm looking forward to our visit with Aunt Edna this afternoon.

95 years! To put that into perspective, my Aunt Edna was just a 1-year-old when Grover Cleveland "Pete" Alexander went 31-10 to lead the Phillies to their first World Series appearance in 1915. The Phils lost to the Red Sox (4 games to 1) in that World Series, but Pete won Game 1 at the old Baker Bowl. (It's interesting to note that all 4 games lost by the Phils were by a margin of only one run).

Also interesting - Babe Ruth had only one at-bat during this World Series, as he pinch-hit for Red Sox pitcher Ernie Shore in the 9th inning of Game 1. Pete induced a ground-out to first base by the Babe.


Walda said...

Will you take me to Lapp Valley Farm to see the cows and get ice cream when I'm 95? In case I forget by then, I want chocolate chip cookie dough.

Jim said...

Of course! I'm sure the big dog will still be there too.