Sunday, May 17, 2009

2008 Chachi #45 Scott Eyre

How much longer will Chan Ho Park remain in the Phillies' starting rotation? He lasted just 1.1 innings today, surrendering 5 hits, 4 walks and 5 runs. His ERA stands at 7.08.

The biggest contributing factor to the Phils' win this afternoon (and resulting 4-game sweep of the Nationals) was the 7.2 innings pitched by the bullpen, in which only 1 run was surrendered. Sergio Escalona walked away with his first Major League win in his big-league debut.

Scott Eyre served as the set-up man today and Brad Lidge saved his 2nd game in as many days. Off day tomorrow and then 3 with the Reds . . .


capewood said...

Didn't Park have tow pretty good outings before Sunday? It's hard follow the Phillies well way down here in Texas but I thought he was on the bubble and then had the two good starts. Sounds like a setback.

Jim said...

You're right - He had good outings against the Mets and Dogers, but he's been very inconsistent. Charlie Manuel's comments in the Daily News this morning leads me to believe the team is losing patience with him. Kyle Kendrick may not be too far away from re-joining the team.