Thursday, May 21, 2009

1994 Flair #413 Billy Hatcher

Current Reds' first base coach Billy Hatcher played 43 games for the 1994 Phillies, blue hats and all, hitting just .246. Billy is a hero in Cincinnati, having gone 9 for 12 in the 1990 World Series, helping the Reds win it all against the highly favored Oakland Athletics.

Billy was acquired (with Paul Quantrill) from the Boston Red Sox in May 1994 for Wes Chamberlain. The departure of Wes Chamberlain represented the 3rd major trade of key Phillies from the 1993 team, following the trade of Mitch Williams to the Astros in December 1993, and the trade of Terry Mulholland to the Yankees in February 1994.

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