Saturday, May 23, 2009

1992 Medford Phillies #46 Johnny Podres CO

1993 Phillies - The Coaches

Johnny Podres was the Phillies' pitching coach from 1991 until 1996. However "Pods" is best remembered for his role in helping the Brooklyn Dodgers win a World Championship in 1955. In Game 7, Johnny pitched a shutout against the Yankees, securing the title for the team, and the World Series MVP trophy for himself.

By all accounts, Curt Schilling was a struggling, mediocre pitcher until his career was resurrected in the early '90s by Johnny Podres. Upon Johnny's passing in early 2008, Curt paid his respects: "Outside of the Lord, my wife and my father, there was no person who impacted my life more than Johnny Podres. A true man's man if there ever was one....Johnny made me realize that being a man wasn’t about the macho cool stuff we think men are supposed to be, but rather compassion, care, commitment, loyalty, integrity and drive....MLB, the Dodgers and players everywhere lost a very good and kind man today."

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Pop-Pop said...

A true baseball man...and a great pitching coach