Sunday, April 26, 2009

1984 Donruss Champions #29 Tony Perez

Hall of Famer Tony Perez played with the 1983 Wheeze Kids, a team comprised mostly of veterans and 3 former members of the mid-70's Big Red Machine. At the age of 41, Tony played in 91 games for the '83 Phils, hitting .241 with 6 home runs. Tony's arrival necessitated Bob Dernier's switch from #24 to #29 for the 1983 season. As of this writing, Tony ranks 50th all-time in hits with 2,732.

Tony briefly managed in the Majors with the Cincinnati Reds (1993) and the Florida Marlins (2001).


Pop-Pop said...

Where is Bob Dernier?

Jim said...

Bob Dernier's 634 career hits were not enough to crack the top 1,000. This is perhaps why he gave up his number to a future Hall of Famer.