Thursday, April 16, 2009

1956 Topps #220 Del Ennis

Born in Philadelphia, Del Ennis was always a Phillies fan favorite. He came up with the Phillies in 1946 and was a fixture in the Phillies' line-up through the 1956 season. Del's RBI total from 1946 to 1959 (1,284) was second only to Stan Musial during that period, and he led the National League in RBI (126) during the 1950 pennant-winning season. He was the Phillies all-time home run leader with 257 until Mike Schmidt surpassed him in 1980. Del still holds the Phillies record for most home runs by an outfielder, trailed by Chuck Klein (241) and Pat Burrell (235).

I received this card on Christmas Day 1996. When questioned, Santa revealed he had purchased the card at an earlier Deptford Mall baseball card show for $9.

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