Thursday, April 2, 2009

1956 Topps #120 Richie Ashburn

This, my friends, is a baseball card. If I was forced to rank my Top 10 favorite baseball cards in my entire collection, Whitey's 1956 Topps card would make the list.

Even better is that we purchased this card inside the Ocean City Music Pier in June 1988 for $14. (We probably enjoyed a slice or two of Mack and Manco's afterwards).

Richie hit .303 in 1956 and finished 2nd in the N.L. in hits with 190, 10 less than Hank Aaron. Richie played with the Phils from 1948 to 1959, and he joined the Phils' broadcast booth after his playing days were over in 1963. I have vivid memories of growing up with Harry and Whitey on the radio, or on the TV, calling the games. Whether it was on Pop-Pop's TV in Sea Isle on a hot summer night, or on my little clock radio on 12th Street, Harry and Whitey were always there.


Pop-Pop said...

Interesting , but not surprising that this is one of your most favorites.

Jim said...

A slice sounds good right about now.

Unknown said...

Guessing were from a similar age group. Harry n whitey were the backround noise of my childhood right thru adulthood. Bet the ranch on it harry is an expession i use constantly to this day. Much love for those two. Makes ya hate t mac even more when you make the inevitable comparisons