Saturday, February 6, 2010

2001 Phillies Team Issue #12 Brian L. Hunter

This afternoon, as I was shoveling out from our foot-plus of snow, for the third time this winter, my mind naturally wandered back to Brian Hunter. Brian L. Hunter was due to receive a card in the 2001 Topps Traded set, but was mistakenly omitted from the set when Topps featured a picture of Brian R. Hunter on his card.

So I got to thinking, "Did Brian L. ever have a Phillies card?" Fortunately for him, and us, Brian L. was featured in the Phillies' team-issued postcard set in 2001.

2001 Update: When I wasn't shoveling, playing Super Mario Wii or playing Legos with Doug today, I was updating and organizing my 2001 Phillies cards. Two years into the last decade, and two years into my little cataloguing project, and I have way more Phillies cards from those years than I realized. (Even Jenna spent some time enjoying the 2001 Phillies binder this afternoon, which is reason #543 that she rocks.)

What About Bob?: Why is it that Topps insists on calling old friend Bobby Abreu, "Bob"? Jenna found a few instances where they call him by the more familiar Bobby, but most Topps cards refer to him as Bob Abreu, which just sounds wrong. Jenna did point out that Bobby's 2001 Topps Heritage card features a facsimile autograph for "Bob Kelly Abreu," so maybe the Topps folks have always thought he prefers Bob over Bobby.

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Jenna said...

I like reason #543! I had fun in the Phillies Room with the boys. I'm still very curious to why it is Bob and not Bobby.