Monday, July 6, 2009

1989 Topps Wax Box Cards #E Greg Gross

The winner's spoils have arrived! I recently participated in a contest hosted by Dave over at his Cardboard Junkie blog. By sheer luck, and with absolutely no skill on my part, I won a padded-envelope's worth of baseball card fun.

This Greg Gross box bottom card, now completely trimmed, was part of the impetus for the contest and I'm proud to say it has found a nice home within my 1989 Phillies binder. Part of the prize was a "mess of completely random oddball cards," which I can now report is a 100% accurate description! Some of these oddball cards immediately joined my 2 ½-year-old son's collection, since he's recently decided he's going to collect baseball cards too. (He currently stores his collection in his Tonka Scoot 'n Scoop riding truck).

Dave was also kind enough to include a nice stack of Phillies cards from 1971 through 2009, all of which were saved from the Tonka truck. Thanks again Dave!


JD's Daddy said...

HA! That was you who picked the Philly cut. Classic card! I have been looking for a Philly fan to trade with as I have accumulated a lot of newer cards (just started collecting a month ago). Check out my blog and maybe we can work out a trade? let me know!


Jim said...

Mike - Great blog and and I love your reason for collecting! I don't have many newer cards to trade, but I'll keep an eye on your want list.