Sunday, May 31, 2009

1987 Fleer #642 Doubles & Triples

I still miss the Expos.

This 1987 Fleer card celebrates the 1986 battle between the Expos' Tim Raines and the Phils' Juan Samuel for the triples title. (I don't particularly remember this battle). In an unexpected development, the Expos' Mitch Webster hit 3 triples in the final week of the season to top the NL with 13. Sammy finished the season with 12 and Raines finished with 11.

So why is the card called "Doubles & Triples", and why isn't poor Mitch Webster featured on the front of the card? Almost obligated to explain this oversight, Fleer added the following last line on the back of the card: "Raines and Samuel finished in the top 5 in both doubles and triples." Mitch Webster did not finish in the top 5 in doubles, therefore his exclusion from this "Super StarSpecial" is justified. And now you know.

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